Caleb James Whitaker

Caleb James Whitaker

     Hello! My name is Caleb Whitaker and I'm the owner of C/J Pictures LLC. I am 23 years old, happily married to my awesome wife, Rebeka, and I live in northern Colorado. I'm originally from Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to Colorado in 2010, and it's been quite the journey ever since.

     I started working with video in late 2009 (I wouldn't ask to see those though!) but started doing videography professionally in 2012. It was a little time after that I started playing around with photography, to where I learned that not only did I enjoy the art of photography, but that I couldn't see myself moving forward without it.

     From starting with the Sony Webbie to my current setup with the Canon EOS 6D, Sony a7s II, and multiple Canon EOS Rebel T5i's. Throughout my time working with video, I've grown from making cheesy videos in my bedroom to making music videos and capturing a newly wed couple's special day for them to look back to as time goes on. With each project, learning new ways to capture and express images and stories through my eyes and my lenses.

     When asked about what my favorite thing is about what I do, hands down, the best answer I've got is seeing the client's reaction. Being able to capture those moments through still shots or moving pictures and reveal them to someone for the first time is something I'll never take for granted. No matter the project, no matter the person, the moment a newly wed bride has to take out the tissues from her purse 15 seconds into her wedding highlight video or a mother seeing her daughter's senior photos in absolute awe... that's something I'll hold on to forever and it's what drives me to keep doing what I do.

     I'm excited to see where my camera will take me and what adventures, challenges, and projects lie ahead with each new place I go and person I meet. To quote from the band Broadway's song The Same Thing We Do Everyday Pinky, "There's no where to go, but up from here."