Let's Take A Walk SERIES

Right now, with the growth of C/J Pictures, projects can be both spread out AND/OR long processes, and in between those tasks I feel like our social networks and the constant strive for creativity lacks just a bit.

I used to do "photos of the day" each weekday for over a year, providing new content on all my platforms of social media, but eventually they became cumbersome, boring, and sometimes just stale because they became either forced or I just grew tired of the process.

So starting today I've started my new week-daily project "Let's Take A Walk." Basically the concept will be each weekday a new ~0:30 video will be posted of a new walk, location, or event. They'll be made up of fun shots, interactions, and they'll allow me to exercise cinematographic creativity. Each will be different shots, different places, different music, and hopefully differently edited. Over time I think it'd even be fun to start featuring local artists' songs in them too, but that's just wishful thinking for the future!

So stay tuned for my new projects. I think they're going to be fun to do and they'll be fun to watch too!

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Poets & Wolves Music Video (in progress)

With the upgrading of equipment, I finally got my first glidecam (a handheld camera stabilizer) and felt like putting it to good use. So one night I met up with the bassist of Poets & Wolves, Corben Wilkins, and threw together a short fun music video of him playing his ukulele (watch here). 

After the fun success of the uke video, I wanted to push the new tool further with a more dramatic effect (which I don't want to disclose JUST yet!). The concept is a lot of fun and visually enticing to watch. Basically I took each member individually with their instrument, or at least a mobile version, and did run through of their song "Pretty Little Mess" over and over in 3 different locations for EACH member.

A lot of time and dedication went into this and I cannot wait to share it once it's finished! Stay tuned and enjoy some stills (that may or may not get used in the final video since there's a LOT of footage).

Animating Logos

For the last few years I've found joy in turning a still logo into an animated visual, bringing it to life. I've always animated my own logos that I've cycled through over the years, but it became a fun challenge when I was given a still logo image from a simple facebook profile photo for "357 Bar/Club." After tackling that, and seeing how it added just so much more effect to their videos, I couldn't help but want to make more. Since then I've done others for band logos and businesses.

A recent one I made was for up-and-coming indie hiphop/rapper DVG (Daren Girdner). I reached out to Daren, showing off a fun animation I threw together of the logo he used for his weekly vlogs. After expressing that he liked it and a file transfer later, he now uses it as his outro bumper for his weekly vlogs (as you can see here).

Definitely going to continue making more and I can't wait for the next challenge of bringing movement to something original designed to stay still. Whether it be a business, an artist, or just a fun product, look forward to more and I'll keep you posted!

Millemon Wedding Highlight Video

While C/J Pictures: Weddings is still in the works, we're still pushing out new content with our clients. Meaning, once the new website and social media sites go live, there will be plenty to view, check out, and share!

So I'd like to share with everyone our latest wedding highlight video from the Drew and Christina Millemon wedding!

http://cjpicturesllc.com - On December 5th, 2015, we were delighted to attend the wedding of Drew and Christina Millemon and the rest of the night to capture their beautiful day!

Contact us at weddings@cjpicturesllc.com to book your wedding videography or photography today!

C/J Pictures: Weddings

Micah & Rebekah M.

Rebekah M.

Micah & Rebekah M.

So coming in the next couple months I will be launching the next part of C/J Pictures, which will be the wedding division. In the past, with the old site, wedding photography and videos were just included with the rest of the type of stuff that we do here, but this go-around I want to do things differently. I think weddings are big enough and important enough to deserve their own space, separate from everything else (as much as I'd like deathmetal music videos to stand next to wedding videos).

C/J Pictures: Weddings will be its very own site that I will dedicate to just wedding and engagement photos, videos, invites, announcements, and who knows! This an exciting move I have planned to make since prior to the new site. While separate from this website, next to "Graphic Design will lie the "Weddings" button that will direct those interested in what we have to offer couple's for their special day.

Until any of that happens, we'll just have to sit tight! Though, I did want to share some photography I did for my sister's wedding just this last weekend in Las Vegas, so be sure to check them out and enjoy!


Caleb Whitaker // Owner

Caleb Whitaker // Owner

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new cjpicturesllc.com!! I am excited to finally unveil this new and improved site. While the last one was great and I can't thank my friend for putting in so much time and effort into that project, it was time to upgrade to something that can push forward my business, and be a little more intuitive and customer friendly.

With the new website, perspective clients will be able to easier view packages, book dates, and ultimately pay for shoots themselves through the new "ecommerce-like" abilities of the website.

With this blog, I will be updating anyone who keeps up with C/J Pictures on upcoming projects, shoots, and new equipment we receive to not only get others excited, but to show how excited we are as well!

Please stay tuned for more updates to this blog and enjoy the rest of the site! More videos, photos, and graphic designs to come!!